Pathways To Business Success


"I went into the meeting a complete skeptic and walked out with a new outlook on how to conduct my personal and professional interactions. Already great relationships are now stronger and together we are creating greater results. It seems so simple now! "

Amanda Bingham

Marketing Manager, BELMARK inc.

"We have raised our productivity 35% over the past six months, as a result of the skills and tools presented.  I learned to empower my team to take more ownership of their goals."

Terry Rummel

Owner, Current Office Solutions

"Our management team has described Pathways as the best training experience they ever completed. Pathways helped our team practice new ways of doing things and work through the struggles they face on a day to day basis. Our managers hold themselves more personally accountable to being better leaders that get results and create a great place to work."

Cheryl Jekiel

Former VP Human Resources, Flying Foods Inc.

Current Sr. Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Tri-Arrows Aluminum, Inc.

"Pathways has had an immediate positive impact on our sales team. We have developed more trust and respect through effective communication, integrity, clear goals and strategies. It has enabled us to bring together different points-of-view without losing clarity or focus. Our team feels empowered by the ability to hold ourselves and each other accountable, thereby creating more in less time. Our conversations are healthier and proactive which has lead to a motivated, committed culture within our team. Our ability to drive towards our common goals has never been better."

Marty Scaminaci

VP Finance, RR Donnelley