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“I strongly recommend Pathways corporate and public seminars to HR leaders and organizations interested in optimizing the performance of their employees, leaders and teams. I have often said that I wish everyone I work with and care about in my life would attend one of these programs. If they did, we would all be better able to achieve outcomes beyond our imaginations, professionally and personally.

Each seminar is built on a foundation that teaches participants to look at what they are doing or not doing in their lives and how they show up in relation to others that is getting in their way of achieving the things they say are important to them and/or team goals. Participants learn fundamental skills around how to hold oneself and others accountable, how to communicate to achieve desired outcomes, how to support colleagues in achieving goals and how to come from a place of personal leadership in all that one does to achieve the best possible outcomes.

I have used the corporate seminar with a global team of HR leaders from all over the world helping the overall effectiveness of the team to go up. I also encourage and support employees in attending the public seminars because I know when they do, they will come back on fire to deliver even greater things in their lives and to our company. I have seen it over and over again the impact of these seminars on the overall health and performance of people and organizations.”


Susan Schmitt

Senior VP, Human Resources, Rockwell Automation


“After attending the Personal Programs that Pathways offers and seeing the results other participants, as well as myself, were able to create in their lives, I brought several of their Corporate Seminars into a company I was working with. “The impact of Pathways Business Seminars on the company was outstanding; they achieved 70% of their annual sales goal by mid-year.” As a company, they have employees that are happier and participating more than they ever have, as well as better communication and improved teamwork. The future looks bright.”


MP Knight

CEO, MPKnight, Inc.

Leaders Inspired

“Pathways Business Seminars have provided very successful organizational development consultation for a company for which I worked, as well as my local HR group and its business partners. The individualized Pathways Business Seminars are unlike anything available in the market at any price, and the participants gain tools that were immediately effective in helping boost communication, collaboration, and productivity.

I would highly recommend Sue Paige and the other professional facilitators at Pathways to any organization facing change, resistance, cultural risk, and disengagement or just wanting to grow their teams to be more effective. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive!”


Sabra Stuermer

SPHR Senior Manager, HR Business Partner T-Mobile


“Park Districts are trying to create memorable experiences for the residents and communities in which they serve. As the Director of Human Resources, it is a goal to work with staff and build strong teams which result in greater trust within those teams and the people that work together. Teamwork and trust are essential steps to building a culture of accountability. Staffs goal is to collaborate and focus on the task of achieving results. This is done by avoiding staff that demonstrate poor attitudes, blame others and create triangles which result in a non-productive environment.

Through the teachings with Pathways our staff were able to create effective communication tools which resulted in the ability to communicate with one another. As an outcome of creating staff accountability we have a foundation of employee trust and satisfaction. My gratitude to Pathways is immeasurable to see people change before your eyes by implementing the tools both personally and professionally.”


Amy Rivas

Director, Human Resources, Wheeling Park District


“POWERFUL!! I remember back to Basic and Advanced and saying that these seminars have the potential to transform the hearts and minds of anyone who attends. The tools I learned have made me a more conscious father, husband and friend. Most importantly, a better friend to myself!"

"As far as business goes, when you go to a country and don’t speak the language, how do you feel? It’s the same thing in a business environment. When everyone speaks a common language and has tools to support each other with a win-win philosophy, you can create magical results and that is exactly what the Business Seminars do!”


Matt McMillin

Director of Culinary and Beverage Operations

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurants

“Castle Farms is a world class historic property that focuses on the health and happiness of individuals, families and the community. We find that by supporting our full-time employees to attend the Pathways Seminars, we are able to communicate on a level that most companies do not have the privilege. Our team members are more fulfilled and look for ways to support each other, instead of working against each other. We will even send our long-term employees with their spouses or close family members because we have found that when things are going well at home, our team is more productive on the job. We are a small company and conflict does arise, however by having the tools that Pathways Seminars have provided we are able to come to agreements much quicker.”


Anora O’Connor

General Manager, Castle Farms


“We began our family owned custom jewelry business almost 20 years ago. It has gone from a three person company to a 31 employee corporation. Our leadership team consists of Tom and I, and our two sons: Ches and Bret. Throughout the years we have experienced much success and have been met with some challenges. Family has and will continue to be the most important priority in our lives, and because of the structure of our business relationships must be nurtured 24-7. As the business grew, our employees have become like family. As you may have guessed, when you work with family sometimes there is conflict.

After our whole family and some employees participated in the Basic, Advanced and Leadership seminars, we realized that our business would benefit and continue to prosper if we brought in the Pathways Seminars to our company. It was an incredible experience of learning, and applying tools to our personal and professional lives that was specific to each person’s needs, experiences and interaction with co-workers. It was an opportunity to better understand our role in responding and reacting in a way that is conducive to positive communication. We found that the interactive cooperative learning environment taught us to put the lessons into action immediately. We used the tools to communicate and work through conflicts and develop relationships that were based on honesty and integrity.

Our employees and family learned how to cope and actively accept and initiate change in an organic environment. We were finally able to speak the same language and understand each other fully. The difference in our interactions and communication was immediate and continues to flourish. With most leadership seminars the training ends the moment you walk out the door unlike Pathways where the support and learning continues long after. We are still very amazed that we can pick up the phone and still get wonderful support from the leaders and associates in the Pathways organization. If all corporations were to bring this learning process to their people the working world would become much more cohesive environment."


April and Tom Dougherty

Owners, Studio 2015 Jewelry